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I started this company almost 20 years ago with a beat up old pickup truck and 37 bucks in the bank. I worked hard doing deliveries and loads to the landfill, there were a lot of Kraft dinner days let me tell you. Over time I started to get ahead and decided to go full into the moving business, always putting any extra money back into my business by getting equipment, better trucks etc. My father told me that it does not matter what you do in life but do it well, I have taken those words to heart and always tried to give each and every client my best. He also said that a job well done is the best advertising, this has been my best return as we gain most of our work via referrals and repeat clients. My father is pretty smart and this advice has done very well for me over the years. Finding good quality guys is always the struggle in this business but I have always weeded out he bad ones and taken good care of the good ones. It is not an easy line of work and I do demand the best from my employees but also return that with respect, decent pay and bonuses when the company does well. My crews care about what they do and work hard, I quite often receive very positive feedback which you can see in the testimonials section. When a client hires us they really get an owner that cares, is fair and honest and a crew that follows my values. This business is my life and I have worked very hard to get here today, the future for me is this company and maintaining the quality of service that we have always put forth. Although I did not become a doctor or lawyer my father is very proud of me and what I have managed to build along with the effort I put into keeping my reputation on the highest level. I guess I am a little old school but when you earn the respect from your parents you are doing okay.

Duane Ward / Owner

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